Prepare them for school… and for life!

We are now open! South Launceston Early Learning Centre caters for children from six weeks to six years of age.

We are open! South Launceston Early Learning Centre is a full-service childcare centre catering for children from six weeks to six years of age.

The owners and designers of our new centre describe themselves as The Biggest Kids in Australia! So it’s not surprising their central focus will be on enabling children to interact with their natural environments and learn to entertain themselves. They will also embrace a philosophy of balancing play with fundamental learning outcomes, because this is crucial to children’s learning and development and prepares them for school … and for life!

Kids spend far too much time these days learning from programs and engrossed in screen time. As a result, their imaginations suffer and they miss out on the simple joys of life. Remember when you were young and spent your days outdoors digging in the garden, feeding farm animals or searching for tadpoles down at the creek? Did you spend hours playing with your pet frog, turtle or lizard? This is ‘real play’, and while many children don’t experience these activities today, they will at South Launceston Early Learning!

Our educators will provide them with a variety of positive experiences and create super-fun environments that will let ‘kids just be kids’ as well as challenging their mindsets. Shoes will be optional and getting dirty compulsory at our centre — bring back their Wildhood we say!

Our Facilities

Studies have shown that diverse, natural and challenging spaces help children negotiate risk, play in creative and imaginative ways, and develop positive relationships with other children. This builds confidence and improves their language and collaboration skills. Physically active children are also less likely to be overweight, are sick less often and are more resistant to stress.

Our Team

Childcare doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s about a centre that has the right attitude, and creates and develops environments within its rooms and playscapes that both children and parents want to experience.